It's a real privilege to be asked to photograph a wedding in Albany. It can also be a real challenge with the weather forecast changing on an hourly basis. Thankfully though the weather was sensational and so of course was the wedding. Right from the moment I stepped into the bridegrooms house and found three crazy guys trying to dress themselves and remembering to take the price tags off their suits, I knew we would be in for a very interesting day. And the photos certainly prove that! Fortunately, the bride's house was much more composed. Stacy and her entourage (including Renske in a dress - WOW) were very relaxed and yet there was an air of excitement about the place. (Even the dog thought it was time for a Sunday after church walk!).

The rest of the day panned out very smoothly. We had an enjoyable drive around some very scenic Albany sites and it was then that I remembered why I love the place. Congratulations once again Lennard & Stacy. And thank you for asking me to be part of your wedding day.


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