Yes, you read correctly. This post is about how to make a chicken curry.Well, yes and no. It's about chicken curry but it's also about the use of embedded videos.As with many video sites, you come across a good video resource for use in the classroom. However the advertisements or additional videos on the site are not appropriate. Or you want the students focussed on the video you've chosen, not all the other choices should you have directed them directly to the site.A great web site for "How to" videos is http://www.videojug.comOn it you'll many find many good instructional videos. However there are also, in my opinion, a lot of inappropriate videos that I certainly wouldn't want my students to access.To avoid this issue and still provide the video content to your students, it's simple to EMBED the video into your website or blog.If you go to videojug and browse the video you're after, you'll notice that there is a link to some EMBED code.Simply copy that EMBED code and paste it into your blog. This works for VideoJug, Teachertube and of course YouTube and a whole heap of other video sites.Here's a video jug example on How to cook a chicken curry in 10 minutes.Now that I've saved you some valuable preparation time for your next lesson, feel free to go home early and cook yourself a wonderful curry!!
How To Cook A Chicken Curry In Ten Minutes