I've had teachers ask me on a number of occasions if there's a way to get around the annoying DVD region codes when using Apple's DVD player. This is of particular concern when you've purchased legitamate DVD educational material from the US and you're faced with the need to continually change your region code.As you know whenever you insert a DVD into the Mac, it defaults to the Apple DVD Player application to open the disc.To get around this, here's a few steps you can try:1. Download the free VLC Player application - you can get it here.2. Go to Apple - System Preferences

3. Select CDs & DVDs

4. Change the settings to open up VLC player when a DVD is inserted.5. Now when you insert a DVD, it will automatically open up VLC player instead of Apple's default DVD player.6. From the VLC menu - select File/Open Disc (or Command D)

7. Select the disc tab and press OK.8. You should now be able to watch the DVD using VLC player.